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Green Card

Employment-Based Immigration

  • EB-1 (Extraordinary Ability, Researcher/Professor, Multinational Manager)
  • EB-2/3/NIW
  • EB-5

Family-Based Immigration

  • USC/Green Card Marriage
  • Family Member Reunion
  • Waivers

Non-Immigrant Visas

Work Visas

  • H visa for temporary/skillful employees
  • E Visa for treaty country citizens
  • L Visa for multinational manager/employees
  • O/P visas for artists, etc.

Change of Status:

  • From B to F
  • From B to L

Extension of Status

Success Stories

$1.5 Million Settlement

In a case of wrongful termination due to discrimination, we were able to get our client a settlement that helped them find a supportive work environment in which to continue their career.

$210 Million Settlement Stops Toxic Dumping

In our case against Terrible Company, LLC, we were able to get a settlement for our clients as well as protect them from any further damage to their communities from this toxic dumping program.